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What to do When Unable to connect to Skype?

23.05.2018 Admin

If you are a regular Skype user and one day you are unable to log-in to your account, it would be really annoying as everything comes to hold. There are several problems due to which you cannot connect to your Skype account and these are as follows:

  • If you have insufficient credit allotted to SIP profile, you won’t be able to make calls. Check that by looking at Skype Manager and by looking at the row of outgoing calls. If you have less credit, recharge it with more or enable auto-recharge, so that such situation doesn’t occur.
  • Even take a look at the internet connectivity, whether it is proper or modify your password of SIP profile in it.
  • The problem could be related to the cancellation or expiry of Skype Number also. Verify this by seeing, whether the number is still assigned with SIP profile and by peeing at incoming calls. Reactivate it; otherwise, anyone can purchase it after a span of 3 months.
  • Due to low bandwidth also, a problem might occur. Thus, the caller has to move to a higher bandwidth for connecting.
  • Using more than one supplier may create an issue for you on the same PBX. In that case, get help from the manufacturer of PBX for suitable guidance.
  • Run a quality check of your system four times a day at different intervals.
  • Investigate if SIP enabled PBX supports G.729, so that configuration can be done accordingly. It uses less bandwidth and brawls valiantly with errors even in lousy conditions.
  • While buying, make sure to purchase SIP quality routers which are service-oriented. In this way, you can keep voice data on the forefront in the router’s configuration.
  • Also, glance that your firewall is not restricting the use of the ports UDP 5060, 8000-80xx i.e. ‘xx’ is for number of channels needed to multiply by two.
  • Make sure that SIP-enabled PBX is able to use RFC 2833 DTMF and if you are unable to solve, approach PBX manufacturer.
  • One more thing to remember is that, use certified SIP enabled PBX.

Still the problem is at its verge; seek assistance from the professionals appointed at Skype Technical Support Number 1800-958-211. They are always there to resolve the qualms of customers within an assured time period by providing satisfactory answers. Never feel hesitated for making your steps towards the technicians available throughout the year.

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