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How to Reset Your Password If You Can't Login to Skype?

23.11.2017 Admin

This is a fascinating software via customer can do video calling with your friends, family and relatives. For this, you need to have an account on Skype and remember your credentials because they are needed every time you log-in. But what if you have forgot or lost your security code, nothing to get worried as you are assisted immediately in such situations. The cause could be any, may be your account has been blocked, hacked by the evil-doers, forgotten or it is logged-in since months.

In the case, when you forget your security code, move towards ‘password restore page’. Put a correct email address that you have used for creating an account and then tap on ‘submit’ to confirm. A transitory code will be sent to you through mail, enter that code and connect with the website of Skype using this cipher. Here is the list of steps you can perform to overcome this problem quickly and easily:

  • Firstly, sign-in to the page of ‘password reset request’ from any browser of your choice for obtaining the temporary code of security.
  • When you have created your account on Skype, you must have created any email ID on it, put that email ID in the space provided in front of you.
  • Now, unfold your email folder as you will receive the message of a temporary code. This cipher has to be used within six hours; otherwise it will expire and the whole process has to be repeated.
  • Now tap on the live link which is in your email which shows ‘temporary code’ and you will be taken to the website of Skype for the reset password change.
  • Enter the password of your choice in the space provided and then confirm by tapping on ‘submit’ button.

If you are not satisfied with the solutions provided, without getting worried, get in touch with Skype Customer Support Number 1800-958-211, who will attend you in a most amiable manner. They deeply diagnose the problems of customers and provide requisite solution to them spontaneously. So, what are you waiting for, go and grab the opportunity at the first.

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