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How to check Skype's Audio and Video Settings?

23.11.2017 Admin

It is the best and amazing VOIP service that has made the conversation process very easy and interesting for the users. But you can make calls or do video chatting, only when you have account on it and a strong internet connection is needed. In case you face any issue oriented to it, we are recommending you to do few things that can be possible done:

  • Verify the audio drivers: When you find any problem related to sound; the first thing is to check the audio drivers functioning. You can even check by playing other audios in different media players and see if any upgrade is needed or not.
  • Have a look at microphone: This also happens when you are using inbuilt speakers as this doesn’t work well and you must get a different headset.
  • Audio/ video must not be muted: Sometimes user turns it on and forgets to turn off, so you won’t be able to send or receive audios and videos.
  • Webcam must be in process: Your webcam must not be wrecked or in bad condition because it will create difficulty for you while calling. And if required, update the drivers.
  • Settings of the microphone and video in Skype: Open your account, visit ‘tools’ , then ‘options’ and at last on ‘audio settings’. Select the one which fully functions and if ‘automatically adjust microphone settings’ are turned off, then the volume must be set at maximum. Also, check whether green bar is visible or not. Same is the process for checking video settings.
  • Authenticate the privacy settings: It’s your wish to enable or disable the webcam. It can be adjusted to ‘anyone’ when anybody can see you. For doing a call, you must add that person in your contact list and if it is set on ‘no one’, then not a single person can find your video.
  • Interference of other programs: Many times what happens is that, other programs interference prevents the webcam and microphone to function. So, either uninstall or disable the software that is creating hindrance.
  • Signals of internet: It should not be lousy; otherwise, you will be obstructed in between which is very annoying. Ensure that internet connectivity must be strong enough.
  • Modifying the settings of Skype: If you face any problem while calling or sending images, set it to ‘default’.

The person who is not a tech savvy, might face some hurdles while following the above strides, so he/she must get in touch with Skype Customer Support Number +61-1800-958-211. The certified engineers are available 24hrs to combat the problems of their customers in an efficient way without perturbing them. Moreover, the services are provided in a very cost-effective price which is really suitable for the customers.

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