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Why can’t I sign-in to Skype with Facebook Account?

23.06.2018 Admin

When you face any such hurdle, make sure whether you are updated with the latest version of it or not. Even check your system, whether is it meeting the basic requirements for using Skype and all the software and hardware drivers are updated with the new edition. But using Facebook for signing-in Skype is not supported on Windows 10, Android or iPhone. From 2018, this option is going to discontinue and you have to sign-in through Microsoft account. So, for continuing using your account, log-in via existing Microsoft account or create a new one.

Follow these easy strides for transferring your information to the existing or new account of Microsoft, so that you can continue using your Skype account.

  • You need to create a fresh Microsoft ID or use the existing one, if you have.
  • All your contacts have to be transmitted by clicking on the search box and entering the address to which it has to be sent.
  • Make a backup of your chat history which is only available for Windows desktop and Mac users.
  • Transport all the details such as Skype Credit, Number or balance of subscription.
  • If you find its necessary, then upgrade your Manager account.

You will see a transfer tool when signed-in for moving the payment information to the Microsoft account from Facebook. This tool shows you everything that is going to be transmitted by tapping on ‘transfer’ and then the process is complete. But if any error is generated, you can seek help from Skype Support Australia, who is active entire seven days to assist you. But if you are not interested in transmitting your Facebook account and the credit balance is left, the fund will be given back and Skype number and subscription will be cancelled after 10Jan, 2018. The experts appointed by us are well educated as well as have enough experience in tackling any technical or non-technical glitches.

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